Dining Menu


Served with miso or chicken broth soup,
salad with honey mustard or ginger dressing,
and steamed or fried rice

        Tempura Dinners
    Shrimp   18
    Chicken 16.5
    Vegetable   14
    Combination 18.5

          Teriyaki Bento Boxes
Chicken   15.5
Steak       19
Salmon   18.5
Shogayaki Pork   15.5

      Katsu Dinners
breaded cutlets
Pork 15.5
Chicken 15.5

              Donburi Rice Bowls
steamed rice bowls with Japanese pickles
Tempura 14.5
shrimp and vegetable tempura
Unagi 17.5
broiled eel and eel sauce
Tonkatsu 15.5
pork katsu, egg, and vegetables

  Yasai Itame
      Miso stir-fry with vegetables
Vegetable   14
Chicken   16
Shrimp   17
Seafood   19

Kyoto Special Dinner A     24.5
shrimp tempura appetizer, teriyaki
chicken or beef, and California roll
served with gyoza or Japanese egg roll

Kyoto Special Dinner B       27
shrimp tempura appetizer,
teriyaki salmon or beef, and
California roll or sashimi tuna roll
served with gyoza or Japanese egg roll

Noodle Dishes
served with salad with ginger or honey mustard dressing

                                 Yaki Udon
thick noodles with vegetables stir-fried in Japanese sauce

Chicken     16
Shrimp         18

   Kyoto Special     20.5
    shrimp & scallops


buckwheat noodles stir-fried with vegetables

  Chicken               16
  Shrimp   18
  Beef         17

Noodle Soups

Nabeyaki Udon           16

Japanese soft-wheat noodles with
grilled chicken and vegetables,
topped with 2 pieces of shrimp tempura,
fish cake, and soft-boiled egg

Tempura Udon     16

Japanese soft-wheat noodles topped
with shrimp tempura and fish cake

Kid's Meals
10 years and younger

Kid's Katsu Meal   7.5
chicken katsu with french fries

Kid's Yakisoba Meal     8
chicken yakisoba