Lunch Menu

Lunch menu is available until 2:00pm

Lunch Sushi
Combination Platters
served with chicken broth or miso soup

Sushi Regular 15.5
chef’s choice: 6pc of nigiri
& California roll

Sashimi Combo 15.5
chef’s choice: 6 pc sashimi &
shrimp tempura roll

Sushi Roll Combo 14.5
choice of 2 rolls: snow krab,
fish tempura, California,
shrimp tempura, spicy tuna,

volcano, or cowboy roll

Dining Entrees

Served with chicken broth soup
or miso soup

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box 11

Chicken Katsu Bento Box 12

Tempura Bento Box 11

choice of chicken or shrimp

Pepper Steak Bento Box

Cashew Chicken Bento Box 12

Chicken Yakisoba 11

Shrimp Yakisoba 12